Monday, February 28, 2011

Indian art now

After centuries of stunted growth and ignorance Indian art now is looking for its modern metaphor of contemporary expression. Indian artists specially the young Indian artists are bit confused and born in the age of cyber net look to West for inspiration and blatant lifting of ideas. Art now in India has to forgo this lack of confidence--a result of the inferiority bred by colonization of India by the White racialists--Portugal and Britain.
The dilemma is twofold.
I. How not get buried under the weight of so much art in temples, myth, religion, folk art and expression, iconography going back to Mohenjo Daro and highly developed and articulate multiple cultural identities of various regions of India.
II. To not get swept by the West. I understand most critics in West use West as synonymous to global or international. How wrong they are and also our artists in India who regard copying the West is to be modern and contemporary artistic expression.
To get out of artistic dilemma is needed faith in our own cultural, folk, regional, religious identities and to launch new creative forays in art that will be both Indian and contemporary. we can thus have art of India becoming at the sme time international

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