Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mohenjo Daro Dancing Girl

The 'Dancing Girl' bronze sculpture from Mohanjo Daro is the earliest example of metal sculpture that India has.The pouting sensuous lips, the feet akimbo and arm held at slender waist, an ethereal dance she enacts. She is the finest from the pre-history of Indian subcontinent. The artist of the time had intuitive feel for charm, rhythm, flow and musicality of expression. Her thick coil of hair, her bangled arm, the necklace sitting on her bosom add charm to her proud nude form.She was a proud model for the artist who cast her in lost wax method about 4500 years from present.
One is mesmerized by this 10.8 cm long figurine and kudos to the unknown maestro who made her timeless through his art.

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